Friday, March 10, 2006

Sweet Tomatoes

I love to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. It is a national salad restaurant chain. I visit the one in Alpharetta Georgia. I often speak with the managers Todd and Chad. Although I think there is a general manager, but he has never spoke to me.

About two months ago, I had a problem. I told Chad that I was disappointed with Todd's decision concerning a coupon. Chad made a excellent customer service decision, he went into the office and sent Todd out to resolve my problem.

Todd did a great job resolving the complaint. He also gave us two key chain discount cards for future visits. The cards are for 10% off all future visits on adult meals.

Since that time, I have experienced nothing but trouble with his cashiers. I have complained and complained, but nothing has improved. Other customers have heard me and also shared their complaints, but again, nothing has improved.

Last week I visited and Valerie was the cashier and she told me she would give me the 10% off on both meals, since I had both key chain tags, but only rang up one discount. I went back and complained, but Valerie stood at the register and said that she was only giving one discount since both tags were on the same key ring.

I said that is ridiculous. She laughed and said, too bad.... and then smiled and started to speak to the next customer in Spanish. I am not sure what she was saying, but from the little Spanish I know, I believe she was explaining to the customer why I was complaining.

Talk about a manager who works hard but accomplishes so little with staff like her.

Wait till my next article on customer service.