Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Expo America

Last week I was in New York and attended BookExpo America. This is the largest book expo of it’s kind. Each year that I attend, it seems like more and more authors are attending these shows. When I speak to groups I am often asked about book publishing, self-publishing and e-books. I always give the same advice, every time I am asked.
Today there are more opportunities than ever to publish your own book. If you have something to say, you should write a book, it is a great learning experience and helps you clarify your ideas and thoughts, just like journaling.
Having said that, writing the book is the easy part. Once you write the book, if you think the large publishing houses will listen, give you the time or day or be interested, your dreaming, unless you are in the news, famous or a politician. If your famous, they will seek you out, otherwise you will need to sell them on the idea.
Marketing your new book, trying to get a publisher to look at your manuscript is the most difficult part. If you are determined or have a unique marketing plan, you will succeed and you will feel a special satisfaction, but it takes a lot of hard work.