Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Coach Media Billboards

If you travel north or south on I-75 through south Georgia, you are sure to see Jeff Wasserman's new billboards promoting Life Coaching.

The theme is Call, Ask and Listen to Jeff.

Jeff is promoting his internet radio show, Life Coach Radio Show.  The new billboards have caught the attention of several people who are starting to recognize Jeff as the Voice of Life Coaching.

Jeff's other boards all have a message.  This board connects Jeff, Life Coaching and the microphone represent the radio show.  Jeff will help you deal with issues, troubles, problems, challenges and questions.  As the new Merriam Webster Dictionary states, Life Coaches are advisers who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals and deal with problems.

Jeff's newest board, promotes the 2013 Life Coach Tour.  With the news that Merriam Webster Dictionary acknowledges Life Coaches, the 2013 Life Coach Tour should be a huge success.

To learn more about Jeff's 2013 tour and his internet radio show, visit Life Coach Media.